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How do the discounts work?
Last Updated 10 years ago

Discounts on items are set in levels: Regular Price, Discount Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. You can reach these levels in one of two ways. Single Order Volume Discounting (SOVD) is based on the total regular prices of the items in a single purchase. Discount Level 1 is reached at $1,000.00 of total parts, Level 2 at $2,000.00, and Level 3 at $4,000.00 with SOVD. History Based Volume discounting is based on the total of your purchase placed in the last year (365 days). You must have an account to receive this type of discounting. Discount Level 1 is reached at $4,000.00, Level 2 at $8,000.00, and Level 3 at $16,000.00 total purchases in the last year with HBVD. You will receive the highest discount level (lowest price) you are eligible for at the time of purchase. Ex: If you have Discount Level 2 on your account, but this purchase is a $5,000.00 purchase then for this purchase you will be given a Discount Level 3 based on your SOVD. If you qualify for HBVD at any level, you are exempt from any minimum order charge.

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