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Will the parts buyout program or the marketplace progam better fit my needs?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Some key differences exist between the two programs. With the parts buy out program you'll have less responsibilities, but you will also  make less profit!

Part Buyout
Getting Paid:
FRP typically pays 10% of list price up front when we receive the parts.
FRP charges a 15% commission on sales, meaning you keep 85% of the sale price when items are sold.
Used & Refurbished:
FRP does NOT accept used and refurbished parts.
You CAN sell used and refurbished parts.
FRP warehouses the parts
You warehouse the parts
FRP ships the parts to the customer
You ship the parts to the customer
Customer Service:
FRP deals with customer service issues
You deal with the customers.
FRP handles returns & refunds
You handle returns & refunds
Pricing of the part
FRP sets the retail price of the part
You set the price of the parts.

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